Father’s Day

It’s on days like today, I miss my papa more than usual. It’s almost impossible to believe he has been gone 13 years. No matter what people say , it doesn’t get any easier. It hasn’t for me anyway. I still miss him so much.

Thinking about my dad made me realize how blessed I was though to have such a great father. In today’s world I think the lack of good fathers is part of our problems. My papa taught me how to be who I am. He took time to spend time with me. He taught me important things like how to grow a garden, how to do my best at everything, most of all how to live life to the fullest.

He left me with wonderful memories of a cherished loving childhood. He taught me how to serve the Lord and he was that example for me. I am so thankful for the memorowes and for the 17 years I had with him. I will always miss him but I believe he is looking down on me thankful and proud that I serve my Lord.


Being Content in The Mundane

This whole blogging thing is new to me and I am not sure what kind of content I want to focus on. My goal in life is to live as frugally as possible so I can continue to be a full time homemaker. I guess though, my ultimate goal is not only to be a homemaker but to be a content and joyful homemaker. I want my kids and husband to find our home a joyful, peaceful place. I want our home, even as old and outdated as it is, to be a haven for each person.

This may sound strange, considering the world we live in today. Everything is fast paced and all about what the money can buy. Over the past year especially, i have began to see, money is only a means to survive in this world. We need it for necessities but that is all. Our house may be old but it is clean and functional. It provides us with a large yard for my garden and clothesline. It provides a safe place to nurture the curiosity of my three children as they discover new things outside every day. Each one loves being in the garden with me even though I am quite sure I have lost a few plants thanks to little feet’s stamping and hopping along after me.

I just want to focus on living a simple life- one filled with God’s leading and one dedicated to bringing joy and peace and security to my family. I want each one to know that we may not have much according to today’s standards we are rich because we have each other and because we can live on less and not feel deprived. We can slow down and enjoy then cool of the morning as I hang up freshly washed laundry. I am even learning it’s okay to pause during a busy day and sit down and read a book or two with my kids. I enjoy just being a mom and a homemaker. This is my life and my joy.

No butter?

Recently, I opened the fridge to grab a stick of butter for some biscuits I was making to go with all that thrift store sausage I had found on sale. I popped open the butter box and to my dismay, it was completely empty.

Sighing I pilfered around in the fridge searching for more but found none. Now what? I couldnt run to the store. I needed these biscuits done for the husband’s supper in 30 minutes. Plus I had no more money budgeted for this weeks groceries. My eye caught sight of the colander pushed to the back of the fridge sitting over that ugly green tueprware bowl. Oh yeah! That homemade yogurt that was about to go bad! I had been letting it drain in the cloth for about two days. Carefully I pulled back than cloth and surveyed the yogurt. It was like the consistency of a soft cream cheese. Taking a chance, I used about 3/4 of a cup and cut it into my flour biscuit mixture like butter. Then I added enough milk to make the dough.

Finally half an hour later , I set these biscuits on the table for my husband and three children. I didn’t say anything until everyone had tried them. None of my family could discern a difference in these biscuits compared to my butter biscuits.

With great satisfaction, I told them what I had done. Of course none of them really worried about it; they just liked the biscuits.

However I got to thinking not only how much money this could save us, but also how much healthier this could be to replace unhealthy fats in our diet.

Needless to say, I have been trying this butter substitute in every item I have baked and have heard no complaints.

I prefer this method of using strained homenade yogurt versus just substituting yogurt in a recipe. Because it is so thick once it has strained for a couple of days, it really does have a soft butter consistency and works so well in baked goods.

I love finding uses for common ingredients I make myself. Being a single income family, this allows me to feed my family healthy meals just by using creativity.